April Review & May Goals

So here we are in May, although if I’m honest, the weather up until now would suggest that we’re still in February. I know that snow at this time of year is not unheard of, but even so, I’m ready for some warmer weather now! The winter coat is still out, although I believe we’re being promised a “heat wave” this week….


The focus for April was around fun, although that sounds a bit contrived – organised fun! But there were lots of high points. Paul and I had a lovely weekend away enjoying a cocktail making class at the Bombay Sapphire distillery in Hampshire (I am a gin convert!) and a delicious dinner afterwards. Both the girls had their birthdays too – Poppy was 4 and Daisy was 6. On Poppy’s birthday, she and I went to London for the day, we went to see the changing of the guard and then to the London Transport Museum which she really enjoyed – lots of sitting on Tubes and pretending to drive London buses!

Daisy’s birthday was spent at the Cotswold Wildlife Park, seeing penguins, lions and giraffes amongst other animals. It was a bit of a chilly day, but that didn’t stop them going on the slide in the adventure playground about 100 times in a row and eating ice cream of course! In between all of that was the big party – we had a disco this year and the entertainer kept them very busy for the full two hours, so other than laying out a few sandwiches, there was very little for me to do which was marvellous!

There have been some more difficult moments this month, unfortunately Mum has been very poorly, although hopefully on the mend now. I also really struggled with my most recent assignment, just couldn’t seem to find my flow with it. It was all submitted on time, but I’m not confident that I’m going to get top marks for it. At least the first year doesn’t count towards my final grade, so hopefully I’ve done enough to pass.

So, on to May. This month is all about getting summer ready. Yes, yes, I know it’s shallow, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to look good in shorts and sandals! Now the weather is (allegedly) warming up, eating light, fresh food and getting out in the fresh air sounds a lot more appealing. I also need to give my feet some serious attention (i.e. a hard core pedi involving some kind of industrial strength buffing device) if I want to avoid scaring small children when I get my flip flops out. My central heating frazzled hair needs some attention, as does my wind chapped skin. I’ve also got a shopping trip to London planned. So by the end of May, I should be buffed, bronzed and probably quite a lot poorer….

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