April Review & May Goals

April has been a pretty good month all in all.

We’ve moved! Thanks to the usual solicitor shenanigans (theirs, not ours) it was slightly delayed and we finally got into the new place on the 28th. It’s good to be in and the house has a nice feel to it, although there are few things that need doing. It’s just working out where everything goes, but it’ll happen in the end I’m sure.

April is birthday month for our family. Poppy turned 5 on the day we headed back from Weymouth so we had a day out at Monkey World in Dorset which was good fun. The following weekend was the party, which went smoothly and wasn’t too stressful as I outsourced the cake this year! Daisy was back at school for her 7th birthday, but seemed to have a good day and we had dinner out together in the evening.

Unfortunately my injury is still ongoing although I have had a couple of physio sessions now. I’m being very diligent in doing my stretches and strength exercises as I just want to get back to it! I have cycled to work a few times which is lovely, but holidays have meant this has been relatively few and far between. Strength training hasn’t really happened – partly because most of the circuits on the app I use are full body exercises (although they target one particular body area), so I’m not really able to do them with the injury, and partly because I haven’t had the time or inclination to plan to do anything different. I need to sort this out though as my body fat % has really increased, and I’m really feeling the lack of exercise in my energy levels.

Yesterday I did do my first dance show in 36 years! It went well, bar one small slip up at the end of the first routine (metaphorically and not literally fortunately). There were about 500 people in the audience, so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting on stage and doing it!

In terms of what I wanted to achieve in April:

  • Get back into an exercise routine – no
  • Get moved – yes!
  • Get most of the unpacking done in the new house – some done, but we moved later than expected, so I’ll give myself a pass
  • Enjoy celebrating with the birthday girls – tick
  • Relax and recharge! – mostly

May is going to pass in the blink of an eye I think! The move date changing was actually a bit of a blessing as we’ve got a long weekend to get on with some unpacking. It all feels a little bit temporary at the moment as there’s lots to be done before the house is the finished article, but we’re planning to get cracking on that asap, so that’s all exciting. There’s a massive amount of admin involved in moving, so I’m sure it’ll take a couple of weeks at least to update our address everywhere, but we’re making progress!

May brings my next trip to Sweden. Paul and I were entered into the Gothenburg half marathon at the end of my trip, and unfortunately it looks like neither of us will be able to do it. I’d already booked the (non-refundable) hotel and am going to be there anyway for work, so if nothing else it’ll be a nice weekend exploring the bits of the city I never get to see on my whistle stop visits.

The end of the month brings another bank holiday and half term, so we’ll be heading back down to Dorset for another few days which will be lovely.

I also really need a bit a reset with my health as I need to boost my energy levels and generally feel better. A new month with the move behind me feels like a good opportunity to reset – get back into strength training, eat well, make time to destress etc. I’ve also signed up for the MS Society Kiss Goodbye to MS challenge – a cause close to my heart and a good excuse to ditch the booze in May. I don’t drink much at all, but I do love a glass of wine on the weekends, so this will definitely be hard to give up entirely!

Goals for this month:

  • Ditch the alcohol
  • Work out regularly – strength at least 3 times a week and cardio at least twice
  • Get back to eating more fresh unprocessed food
  • Finish the unpacking
  • Get an architect in to get going on our house plans

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