February Review & March Goals

As ever, this month as passed in a daze, lots has happened! I’ve also been a bit neglectful of the blog, but sometimes life gets in the way.

So first the big news – we’ve found a new house and had an offer accepted! There’s still a way to go before completion, so I’m not counting my chickens, but things are looking good so far. We didn’t actually end up looking at that many (not actually that much out there!), but what we’ve found fits the bill, although it needs a bit of work.

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January Review and February Goals

January is finally over and the first signs of spring are finally in the air (or in the garden at least, even it if is a bit wet and miserable out there today). I am definitely ready for some lighter mornings and longer days!

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November Review & December Goals

Snow is falling, all around me… Man, I love a Christmas classic, and Shakin’ Stevens is my all-time favourite. And now it’s the 1st December, I feel fully justified in breaking out The Best Christmas Album in the World – EVER once again.


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October Review and November Goals

It would be fair to say that October didn’t really go to plan. I knew it was going to be a busy month – there is a big project going on at work currently and my team were on holiday meaning I had their work to pick up. I had my college assignment to get stuck into, and that involves a lot of research and critiquing of papers. That’s without the usual challenge of just trying to fit it all in!


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Recipe – Roasted Tomato Sauce

When the girls were little, I used to batch cook all the time for them, so I always had a few quick meals in the freezer that I could defrost at a moments’ notice. I’ve got a bit out of the habit recently. They both get fed at school Monday to Friday, and we eat as a family on a Sunday evening, so it’s only really Saturdays I have to worry about. That said, batch cooking is a great thing to do not just for the children, but so we have some quick meals on hand too!


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September Review & October Goals

I feel like we’re into Autumn proper now. 1st October and it’s grey, cold and wet 🙁 Let’s hope we have a few more warm days before winter kicks in!

September has been pretty good all in all, and pretty busy. It was back to school for our family in more ways than one this term! Daisy started in Year 2, which she has confirmed is harder work than year 1! She has started recorder lessons (the horror) and is enjoying being back at dance on a Saturday morning.


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