Habit of the Month – August

Possibly one for the ladies…. I’ve had two children. Carrying around 8 or so pounds of baby, plus at least the same again in placentas and fluids and other baby growing related stuff puts a whole lot of pressure on your pelvic floor.

We are encouraged to exercise our pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, but if I’m honest, the more immediate challenges of remaining within 5 metres of a loo at all times and knowing the location of the nearest outlet stocking Super Noodles probably distracted me from being fully engaged in this particular activity.

Fast forward 3 years, and this area could do with a little tuning up. I’m not actually wetting myself every time I cough/laugh/sneeze (although this is a very real possibility when your pelvic floor is weakened – and I think I need only mention the word prolapse to strike the fear of God into you here), but let’s just say I’ve had a few close calls and the hardest thing about jumping jacks is no longer the cardiac effort required.

So, my August habit of the month is working out my pelvic floor 3 times a day. This is the ultimate do anywhere exercise – in the car, while you’re cooking dinner, whilst at your desk (practice moderating any facial expressions you might inadvertently adopt during execution).

Not only do you get the benefits of avoiding the Tena Lady aisle in Boots for another few years, it should also improve your s life (apparently more powerful orgasms). If you need any more incentive for developing a power fanny, the check out the hashtag #thingsiliftwithmyvagina on Instagram for inspo – I shit you not.

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