Habit of the Month – May

Motivation, motivation, wherefore art though motivation?

Some days I feel totally in the zone and ready for all I want to achieve and other days (or sometimes weeks or months at a time, I can’t be arsed and undo all my hard work in a matter of minutes.

Over the last few months, I’ve had a vague idea about where I want to go with all of these changes. I don’t want to make this about losing weight, because it’s not about losing weight. In a nutshell, it’s about being the healthiest I can be. On the surface, I’m already pretty healthy – I’m not overweight, I exercise regularly, my diet isn’t too bad.

Sometimes it’s the things you can’t see though… I had a Bupa health check earlier this year. For the most part, I got a clean bill of health, but apparently my body fat percentage is close to 30%, which is pretty high. Therefore, one of my goals is about changing my body composition – building more lean muscle and reducing the fat.

I’ve also had a bit of a roller coaster emotionally over the past year. I’ve been in a very pressurised job, working a compressed week. That means I’m supposed to do my hours in 4 days and have Friday off. In reality, it means I have very little down time Monday to Thursday, then I end up checking my phone constantly and trying to do work while Poppy watches TV on a Friday. Added to that is wanting to spend enough time with my family, keeping up with friends, trying to stay fit and not letting the house slide into the kind of property you see on “The Hoarder next Door”.

Not surprising it feels a little overwhelming at times!

When I’m losing sight of the reasons for trying to be healthy, there are a couple of things which are important. Firstly is to give myself a break – no one can achieve everything 100% of the time. Sometimes doing something nice for myself is needed – preferably something that aligns with my goals rather than diving headlong into a tub of Phish Food (even if it is the frozen yogurt variety, therefore almost calorie free).

The second is to remind myself of my goals and what I want to achieve. I’ve written myself down a couple of things to look at on a daily basis – one is my vision of the future if I get all this right, the other is a list of how I’ll feel if I achieve my goals. I think that by looking at these on a daily basis, it’ll keep me focussed and as a bonus, it only takes about 30 seconds to do that’s another daily habit ticked off quickly!

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