Habit Review – Morning Prep

Days habit missed: Hardly any

Ease of doing daily: Easy

Equipment required: Wardrobe

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes

I’d love to tell you that over the last 12 months, my mornings have evolved into a zen like space of calm and tranquillity, but we both know that would be a big, fat lie. On the plus side, they haven’t got any more manic. At least I don’t think so. Sometimes it happens in such small increments that you don’t really notice.


One positive thing that’s happened recently is that Poppy has started school. This has the two-fold benefit that:

  1. She has to wear school uniform 5 days a week so that that’s one less argument in the mornings
  2. There is only one drop off now, and when Paul’s at home, he usually does it (I do pick up), meaning I am not solely responsible for getting everyone sorted every day (well, not everyone, Paul gets himself dressed 🙂 ).

This has been a helpful habit though. Although it takes a couple of minutes in the evening, it does mean that I’m good to go as soon as I’m up and dressed, and weirdly, I seem to procrastinate less about my sartorial choice at 10pm than I do at 7am. Pressure’s off I guess!

Even on days where I plan to exercise in the morning, I still make sure that I’ve also got my clothes out for afterwards. I usually do this even on the weekends too – given that most Saturdays I’m still up early for the ballet run or college, it still makes sense. I occasionally miss a Sunday, but actually I’d rather just get it sorted and not have to think about it, even if it’s my running stuff.

We usually get the girls’ stuff together the night before too, so that in theory, they should be able to get dressed by themselves more easily. Still takes a whole lotta nagging though, and having to help Poppy because she can’t possibly manage by herself (unless there is a serious bribe at stake).

So this is definitely a habit I’ll be continuing with. I may still be the nagging mother in the morning, but at least I’m not doing it with a backdrop of being flustered about getting myself sorted!

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