Happy Thanksgiving

Our US cousins are celebrating Thanksgiving today. This doesn’t really have a huge impact on me on this side of the pond, aside from receiving significantly less email than usual, but it has got me thinking.


This year is not panning out so well, but rather than dwell on that, I thought it might be nice, not to mention a lift to my mood, to remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful about right now.

So here we go – warning, this will probably be unashamedly cheesy and full of cliches.

+ My family. Whilst I am deeply suspicious of parents who gush that “they wouldn’t change a thing” (seriously? Not even wiping other people’s bums and being woken up at 2am, 3.15am and 4.20am because they have lost rabbit/duck/control of their bladders (delete as applicable)), I love being a mum and couldn’t be more proud of my little ladies. They make me laugh (almost) every day (admittedly sometimes at them, than with them), but I love watching them grow and learn and the fact that they are both insanely ticklish. I’m also very lucky to have a lovely husband who is endlessly supportive AND does all the washing. And only occasionally berates me for leaving doors open. Obviously this applies to my wider family too – you know who you are!

+My friends. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many people over the years through school, work, hobbies or children who have become good friends. Although it’s not easy keeping up with everyone and there are lots of people I don’t see as often as I’d like, I know that for the most part, when we do see each other, it’ll be like we only met up yesterday and that the conversation and laughs will flow (usually in direct relation to the alcohol we will inevitably be quaffing).

+My health. Having seen many people close to me dealing with issues beyond their control this year, it makes me particularly grateful that I have my health. Don’t get me wrong, it’s something that I invest a lot of time in and work very hard at. But being free of illness and having a body which does what I ask it to (with a bit of persuasion sometimes, particularly at 6am) is a very good place to start.

+The opportunities I have. I’ve worked hard for what I have, but I’m also conscious that life has brought me opportunities, and I’m grateful for that. I’ve always been a believer in making my own luck, but sometimes the stars align and I’ve been lucky enough to be right place, right time. I’m also very aware that life is a whole lot worse for a whole lot of people and I’m very privileged to have a good job, a nice lifestyle and a cleaner (because housework is not how I roll).

+My focus and discipline – I’m not usually one for blowing my own trumpet, but when I put my mind to it, I can usually achieve what I work towards, and I’m not afraid to put in the hard work to get it. I have a lot to juggle in life, but I’m good at prioritising and generally able to spin a lot of plates. Admittedly, there are times when I do ask myself why, but it’s usually worth it in the end!

And yes this was my breakfast this morning. Saying it through the medium of porridge has overtaken even saying it through the medium of dance in my list of favourite interpretative, er, media. Because without oats, what’s the point?

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