June Review & July Goals

Halfway through year already – arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!! Where did it go? Is my life genuinely flashing before my very eyes?

I had intended to spend some time over the past few days reviewing my plans for the year, but when I looked at my goal workbook, I realised that I hadn’t done a very good job of thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2017. I think this actually sums up the first half of my year really, it’s been crazy busy and there has been very little time to fart, let alone focus on big life plans. Now that I’ve finished my second year at college (results pending!), I now actually have a little more time for reflection and thinking and whilst I can’t see me nailing the answers to life, the universe and everything over the next six months, I would at least like to make sure the stuff I do have time to do has a some focus and there is a bit of structure to the chaos! One of my things to do in July is to look at that in more detail – a separate blog post perhaps.

June was no less frantic. I started the month in Weymouth on holiday which was lovely, the weather brightened up towards the end of the week and we did some lovely coast walks. I spent the weekend after that with Mum, so we had a good catch up. College was very busy, two assignments in short succession to get submitted, plus my practical assessment. That was nerve wracking as I had to conduct a full (role played) consultation whilst been observed by my tutor. It really did bring everything that I’ve been learning to life and made it all feel much more real. It’s great to do with peers too as a role play, and I feel (a little) more prepared for seeing paying customers in the teaching clinic next year!

Once the last assignment was finished, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to some downtime. The sun came out and we hosted our first family BBQ on Father’s Day which was scorching! It was also more or less the first weekend I’d actually spent at home since we moved in, so it has been good to get a few more boxes unpacked and things sorted out (still a bit to do). I’ve had nights out with friends and work colleagues, sports day at school and starting learning routines for my first dance exams (eek!) so all in all life is pretty good.

In terms of my specific June goals, here’s how I did:

  • Get both of my assignments complete to the best of my ability – yes!       Haven’t had the results yet, but fingers crossed.
  • Prepare for and pass my assessment – tick! Really pleased to have done this.
  • Eat well and exercise regularly – getting there. Exercise wasn’t too bad given my current limitations, and I’ve started eating better now I have the time to actually think about it!
  • Sort the TV out! – No. Oh well, haven’t had time to watch it anyway LOL
  • Tick off my two financial “to dos” – Have done one of them.

We head off on holiday at the end of July, so I’ve got four weeks to get some things done before then. I’m a bit behind on life admin at the moment, so I need to catch up on that. I’m also feeling really tired at the moment, perhaps as a result of running on adrenaline for a few months and then stopping. My sleep hasn’t been great of late, and I’d like to make some improvements there.

Exercise is still a sore topic (literally!). I am still seeing the physio, and my brief return to running was unfortunately curtailed due to a flare up in my symptoms. The problem initially seemed to be hamstring, but more recently it’s been my lower back that’s troubling me and the leg could be referred pain from that. It totally stiffens up overnight, hence the poor sleep, but isn’t too bad during the day if I keep moving. We’ll review at my next session on Weds next week, but at present, I still can’t do any strength training really and definitely no running. I’ve been doing plenty of cycling and walking, but it’s not the same :-(. I’d slipped into a few bad habits whilst I was busy in terms of mindless snacking and buying lunches which weren’t as good as I’d make at home, but now I have a bit more time and headspace I’m addressing that. Going well so far, finding the balance of health and fun and remembering that I actually enjoy cooking and trying new things, it’s not just a chore I do at 9pm when all the other jobs are out of the way!

July goals are as follows:

  • Keep up the physio exercises diligently
  • Get some early nights and focus on good sleep hygiene
  • Draw up a life admin to do list that’s realistic and nail it
  • Do a mid-year review and set goals for H2
  • Make decisions about the last few boxes – unpack or store pending building work

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