Liz Driver: End of year report 2015

2015 Report 2


Good. Offspring making progress this year. Daisy received very good feedback from school in terms of being happy, helpful and enjoying learning. Poppy has settled into her new nursery and is starting to learn her letters. Both have their moments but are mainly a joy. Loss of beloved Grandad in March was a lowlight, but getting to celebrate his amazing life on what would have been his 100 birthday was a very special day. Enjoyed lots of breaks in Weymouth with the family.


Big improvements in this area. After a poor start, things improved mid year with a break from work altogether. This was a period of self discovery, in which Liz was surprised to learn that she could quite happily be a lady of leisure given unlimited funds. And therein lies the problem. Since August she has once again been gainfully employed and is rather enjoying it.


Fair to middling. Liz appreciates Paul’s continued dedication to the washing. Need to leave the phones in another room more often.  Liz must also commit to closing kitchen drawers in order to promote marital harmony in 2016


Good. Liz has made progress in this area. Despite some challenges with mental and emotional health early in the year, Liz has come out of the other side and feels there is greater balance in her life. She has developed a healthier relationship with food and a more balanced exercise routine. She still doesn’t do any yoga, despite this having been on her to do list since about 1998.


Could do better. Liz must sort her shit out when it comes to savings and investments in 2017. There is no point in going through the rigmarole of reminding yourself what the log in details for your 87 million ISAs are, then running out of time and doing nothing about it. Or opening a new ISA and forgetting the log in details so not doing anything about it. Or opening a new ISA for your children and forgetting the log in details so not doing anything about it.


Poor. Despite having lots of time off work in the summer, Liz failed to make the expected progress on making her home less cluttered. The study is a particular area of concern. See me.

Personal Growth

Very good. Liz successfully completed her healthy habit challenge and looks forward to sharing more throughout 2016. She also began her Nutritional Therapy training and her marks to date show promise.

Social Life

Acceptable. Had the chance to spend some good times with friends this year – catching up with old ones and making some new ones. She must remember that it is quality not quantity when it comes to evenings out. Quality not quantity would also be a good mantra when it comes to cocktails.


Major Achievements/Things Ticked off The To Do List

Finding a new job

Sorting head out

Starting NT training

Getting the blog going

Implementing 12 new habits

Taking children to Disneyland


Things To Be Carried Over Into 2016

Doing the splits

Clearing out the study

Digitising music collection

Sorting out Finances

Fitting in Yoga



Overall a good year. Early months did not show promise, but gradual improvement in most areas from April onwards. Liz has laid down good foundations to build on in 2016. Keep up the good work!


Overall grade


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