March Review & April Goals

Unfortunately, March didn’t pan out quite as I expected, and I didn’t do very well against my goals this month. Work has been insane, and the pace of assignments has been pretty relentless (more or less one a month this year) which has meant there has been little time for anything else. I’ve also had a recurrence of an old hamstring injury which has put paid to my running plans and led to an enforced period of rest during March.

A couple of more positive things that happened are that we’ve agreed a move date (less than 3 weeks, eek!) and the clocks changed which meant that was able to start cycling to work again this week, which I love. Fortunately cycling doesn’t seem to irritate the leg, so I’ll be keeping up my cardio fitness that way.

My March goals were as follows:

  • Have at least made a start on some packing – tick! We’re actually getting the packing done, but there are a few bits that we’ll keep to one side until after the building work
  • Do a clear out of at least 3 rooms in the house – sort of – we’ve done a fair amount of clearing out and got rid of lots of stuff
  • Plan my exercise schedule weekly and stick to it – nope, exercise went awry with my injury
  • Have increased my long run mileage to at least 8 miles – as above
  • No free sugar – total disaster, I was busy and ate badly.   No more to say on that really.

I feel that April will be a much better month. Firstly, I’ve seen the Dr and have a physio referral, so I can start to get my leg seen to. I’ll obviously follow their advice, but I know I can still cycle and I’m sure swimming will be ok. I’ve also restarted my resistance work today, but will modify exercises if necessary.

I have a much needed break from work over Easter. It’ll be my first real time off since Christmas, and I’m off for just over a week. We’re also moving house around the same time, so they’ll be plenty to do, but we do plan on escaping to Weymouth over the Easter weekend which I’m really looking forward to. It’s also the girls’ birthdays this month and we have their party to look forward to (two days after we move which could be a challenge from a cake making perspective…). I have an assignment due in on the 10th, and then I plan to take a week completely off from college work whilst I’m off from work to recharge my batteries a bit.

The house move will be exciting too, hopefully everything will go smoothly and we can crack on pretty much straight away getting the plans drawn up for the building work we want to do. I hope to blog a bit more – this has taken a bit of a back seat with everything going on!

Goals for April are:

  • Get back into an exercise routine
  • Get moved
  • Get most of the unpacking done in the new house
  • Enjoy celebrating with the birthday girls
  • Relax and recharge!



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