November Review & December Goals

It’s coming up to the end of the year ago, and I can’t quite decide whether I’m ready or not! I’m a bit behind (or so it feels), hence getting the blog up a bit late this month.

Honestly, November was been a fairly shitty month. Work ended up being really busy, with some really tricky issues, Mum was in and out of hospital, the assignment for college was a NIGHTMARE, Daisy was off school with tonsillitis, Paul was away and working long hours and I ended up feeling all a bit overwhelmed with life in general. I’ve had some issues with anxiety in the past and these came back with a bang, which wasn’t at all pleasant.

On the plus side, my trip to Sweden was cancelled, a work event I was running went really well and got some global recognition and I’ve managed to negotiate going down to four days a week, at least on a temporary basis. This one is a real biggie for me, not only will it give me more time to juggle work and college, but senior part time jobs are like rocking horse poo, so being able to do that here is real bonus. It’s agreed until end of March for now, we’ll see how it goes and discuss what next nearer the time.

I saw the consultant for a follow up at the start of November, and he recommended a second round of injections on my hamstring, which were this week. Ouch is all I can say. Hopefully this will have resolved the problem once and for all, so fingers crossed.

House stuff is moving on, with visits by structural engineers and decisions about door handles, but we’re not quite at tender stage yet.

So, November goals went a bit pear shaped, but for completeness, here they are:

  • Work with the architect to get the tender process ready to go by the end of the month – no. We’re making progress, but haven’t found the time to get a kitchen plan done.  Or choose a loo for the new ensuite. I have booked an appointment for next weekend to plan the kitchen though!
  • Keep up with the exercise – 20 workouts and 425k steps – No. Exercise totally fell off the to do list. I revised my step target to 400k, which I have made with a couple of big step days at the end of the month!
  • Get the assignment submitted and start on the next one so I can have a bit of a break at Christmas – I submitted the first assignment and have done a little work on the next one. Will aim to get a proper start made this week.
  • Complete my next client consultation and close the case – yes.  Ended up being a stressful experience as my client rescheduled, which meant that I had to squeeze in the appointment during the working day, in our London office and when I had to deliver some training straight afterwards. The feedback was reasonably good though, and the client had really seen some positive improvements, so I’m pleased overall.

Onto December then. It’s got off to a good start with a lovely weekend in the Cotswolds for Paul and I! Other than that, it’ll be the usual whirlwind of nativities, Santa visits, family time and turkey, which I’m really looking forward to.

  • Have a strong step month to get to my 5 million for the year
  • Get 80% at least of my assignment done before Christmas
  • Get the tenders out to builders, would be great to be able to start in March/April and be done by next Christmas!
  • Take some time to relax and enjoy the Christmas break, without feeling guilty about it.

Enjoy the festive season!

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