September Review & October Goals

As usual, a lot has gone this month. It started very convivially with dinner with friends and an amazing afternoon tea for my birthday treat at the start of the month. In the middle, I travelled to Leeds for a reunion with my university friends. A good time was had by all (on Saturday at least, the journey home on Sunday was a bit of an ordeal) and it was lovely to catch up. And it ended with a lovely dinner out with Paul last night for our bi-monthly date night.

College started again last week, I can’t quite believe that I’m in to my final year already. Things get a lot more real now, and I’m seeing my first real life paying client in the training clinic (under supervision of course!) in less than a fortnight, which is frankly terrifying! I’m trying to get organised with all my clinical paperwork, as well as cracking on with my first assignment of the year. The break was nice whilst it lasted…

Health wise, I joined the Pure Gym at the start of the month, and so far so good. I’ve been getting there 2-3 times a week before work and I’m enjoying just getting my heart rate up again after the summer hiatus. Now the girls are back at school, I’ve also started cycling to work again once or twice a week. It does make for a great start to the day and I’m making the most of it before the evenings draw in and it becomes too dark cycling home, sometime in October. I have found myself being a bit more cautious since my accident back in July, but I’m just trying to get on with it as much as possible.

I also finally saw a consultant about my hamstring last week. He’s booked me in for some injections which I’m having on Friday this week. I had the last time I had this injury in 2008 – they go straight into the tendon so aren’t the most comfortable thing ever, but they worked last time, so fingers crossed! I’ve also got back onto an even keel with my diet after the summer break, and have been enjoying trying out some new healthy recipes.   On my other goals, the wardrobe review hasn’t happened, I just haven’t had the time unfortunately. I’ve changed most of the addresses now, but still have a few last ones to go.

October has started with a proper autumnal day – damp and drizzly. After the last few weekends being away, it’s been nice to have a quieter day and catch up on a few things. This month with no doubt pass in a flash too. A few things going on – we’ve got a 40th birthday party on Saturday (following a day at the spa which will be nice!). A week on Friday I’m in the Training Clinic, so I have quite a bit to prepare for that, although I won’t get any information about my client until a day or two before their appointment. Our first assignment of the year is due mid-November, so I’ll be aiming to make a good start on that. It’s only 3 weeks until half term, and we have a couple of days off at the end of the week for a quick trip to Weymouth. Hopefully the weather will be pleasant and there will definitely be some Halloween fun!

I’m going to see how things go with exercise following the injections, but I’m planning to keep going as I have been over the last month for now and hope that I’ll be able to start running more by the end of October. I plan on keeping up with the healthy eating, but there will be definitely be room for an ice cream from the amazing gelato shop in Weymouth!

We’re also expecting a decision on the planning permission for our house extension this month, so assuming that comes through ok, we’ll then need to press on with the structural drawings and starting to talk to some builders. Exciting!

Goals for October are:

  • Complete my first client consultation and achieve satisfactory on as many competencies as possible.
  • Make good headway on my assignment, at least 50% written by the end of the month
  • Keep up the exercise and adjust my programme as necessary after the injections
  • Go through at least one wardrobe
  • Draw up a shortlist of builders and have some initial conversations

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