Best Basic Porridge

I love porridge for breakfast. Particularly at this time of year, when the mornings are chilly, a hot breakfast is really warming and comforting!


Oats are pretty good for you as they are, being a good source of soluble fibre which is important for gut health. However, I like to pimp my porridge a bit – my aim with breakfast is always to get at least one portion of fruit and/or veg and also some protein, which ups the satiety value and keeps you full for longer. One way of increasing the protein value would be to add a scoop of protein powder, but as I’m trying to eat an unprocessed diet as far as possible, that’s not preferred option. Instead I’ve started adding an egg, which sounds a bit weird, but is actually delicious and gives a really creamy, almost custardy texture. You need to be careful you don’t end up with scrambled egg though! Here’s how I do it. This recipe also forms a great basis for getting creative with your porridge! Continue reading

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