Christmas Indulgence…

Christmas always seems to be a difficult time for anyone trying to maintain a modicum of a healthy approach to their lifestyle. My life seems to have followed a depressingly familiar cycle over the past few years:

  • January 1st – New year, new attitude. Go for a run and eat soup.
  • January 2nd – Oh, but there’s lots of leftover cake. And chocolate. Shame to waste it.
  • January 10th – March: Now the leftovers are gone, try to get back on the wagon after the excesses of Christmas. It’s dark and cold outside and spring is ages away. Eat chocolate.
  • April – Spring is here, hooray! It’s the girls’ birthdays. That involves cake. Might has well hop back on the wagon in May. Clean start and all.
  • May – The temperature climbed into the mid teens today! Summer’s here! Whack on the barbie – what better excuse for some sausages, and a burger, and a kebab. Oh, and some chicken because that’s healthy. That needs some wine with it. And some nachos before it. And some pavlova afterwards. The wagon is a small dot on the horizon
  • June – Shit, holidays are nearly here, better start eating better.
  • July – 2 weeks to holiday. Can’t lose any weight now. Might as well have some chocolate.
  • August – Du pain, du vin, du massive French custard/fruit tarts. Oh, and the cheese! With more pain.   Thighs reach annual peak.
  • September – November – Ah, there’s the wagon! Focus, healthy food, lots of exercise.
  • December – How long have you got?

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