Recipe – Roasted Tomato Sauce

When the girls were little, I used to batch cook all the time for them, so I always had a few quick meals in the freezer that I could defrost at a moments’ notice. I’ve got a bit out of the habit recently. They both get fed at school Monday to Friday, and we eat as a family on a Sunday evening, so it’s only really Saturdays I have to worry about. That said, batch cooking is a great thing to do not just for the children, but so we have some quick meals on hand too!


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Recipe – Black Forest Hot Chocolate

I wrote in my post earlier last week about Christmas treats.   I love(d) to take a break from my Christmas shopping and pop into a coffee shop for a “red cup” drink and a piece of cake. However, despite being delicious and festive, there are so many things wrong with these drinks, it’s hard to know where to start.


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Recipe – Buttered Lentil Soup

When we were growing up, I often remember Mum cooking up a big batch of soup on a Saturday for lunch. There was always some sort of activity on a Saturday morning – swimming, music etc, and it was always lovely to come home to a warming bowl of soup. We used to have a bakery at the end of our road and often we’d walk down to get fresh bread. I don’t think their baguettes were exactly authentic, they always used to bend in the middle and were really doughy, but they did the job in terms of having something to dip in your bowl!

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