Class Review – Ballet Barre

I love dancing. I did an adult ballet class for about 7 years in my late 20s/early 30s and really enjoyed it. It was really hard work on the legs, but my posture was great and I was more flexible than I was as a teenager. We didn’t used to do shows or anything (thankfully), but the discipline of practice at the barre and then some time spent doing some actual dancing was great.

Ballet barre

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Recipe – Parsnip, Ginger & Turmeric Soup

Last week I had the phone call every working parent dreads – the “Calpol call”. This is the one where nursery inform you that your beloved child has a temperature, and they are happy to dose them up, but if things haven’t changed in an hour, you have to go and collect them. The next hour is spent frantically prioritising your to-do list and reviewing your diary for the rest of the day, before the phone rings again and you know that the fate awaits you is an afternoon of keeping your fingers crossed that Beauty and the Beast will keep them occupied for the duration of your important meeting which is now a conference call.

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Why I used to be a morning person – until I had children

I’ve always been pretty quick at getting ready. I do wear make-up (more or less) daily and my hair takes 3 (count ’em) electrical appliances to avoid looking like someone undergoing electric shock therapy. However, years of going to the gym first thing have honed my morning routine and I can achieve quite a bit in a short space of time. So why, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do my children take 8 times as long to get ready? Let’s break it down a bit…

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January Review & February Goals


Is it just me, or does January last approximately 423 years? Christmas seems like a distant memory (and has done since 4th January) and I really miss the pre-kids days of being able to jet off to warmer climes at the start of the year. But still, we have finally reached the end and spring is that little bit closer. It’s not been all bad, I enjoyed some beautiful frosty walks by the river in my lunch break and had a day at a spa which was lovely. Continue reading “January Review & February Goals”