Recipe – Black Forest Hot Chocolate

I wrote in my post earlier last week about Christmas treats.   I love(d) to take a break from my Christmas shopping and pop into a coffee shop for a “red cup” drink and a piece of cake. However, despite being delicious and festive, there are so many things wrong with these drinks, it’s hard to know where to start.


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Pumpkin Pie Nice Cream Recipe

It’s Halloween next week, which seems to be coming a big and bigger deal in the UK. I actually quite like it, it takes the focus away from starting Christmas in September, and I’m all for celebrating festivals and marking the passing of the year.

In the UK, we do seem to be masters at celebrating festivals through the medium of food. In some ways, I guess this is part of our cultural heritage, in other ways it’s just a retail opportunity with the shops bulging with skull shaped chocolates and cupcakes decorated with cupcakes.

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