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Hello! I’m Liz, a foodie, fitness fanatic and mother of 2. I’ve always enjoyed eating, but more recently have become more interesting in health and exploring the balance between delicious food and good nutrition. I certainly wasn’t always sporty, but I had an epiphany in 2000. I joined a gym and started running, and realised I actually quite enjoyed it. I moved on to triathlon, starting with sprints and eventually completed 2 half iron man triathlons in 2008/2009. Did I also mention my very tolerant husband? Paul and I celebrated our 16 wedding anniversary this year (I was clearly a child bride).

Then came babies which meant the (temporary?) end of my illustrious long distance career. Daisy was born in April 2010 and Poppy in April 2012 (can’t beat a spring baby). Daisy is now a 5 year old Elsa wannabe who has just started Year 1 and Poppy is a, erm, spirited 3 year old with a penchant for olives and a promising future in the pages of Overheard in Waitrose.

All of us

When I’m not eating, running or wiping someone else’s bottom, I do actually have a full time job working in HR. I’ve also just started training as a Nutritional Therapist through the Institute of Optimum Nutrition. In my spare (ha ha) time, I enjoy nice wine (ok, any wine) and following the fortunes of Southampton FC (accident of birth).

Life’s a juggle…