Activity Review – Sweat with Kayla

A friend of mine first put me on to Kayla Itsines. She is an Australian personal trainer who has grown into Instagram sensation (currently nearly 6 million followers) and has an army of dedicated groupies around the world following her workout programme.  I’ve always done a lot of cardio, but knew that I should add some resistance work into my routine as well.  Just hadn’t quite got round to it…

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Habit Review – The Weekly Plan

Days habit missed: Hardly any

Ease of doing daily: Easy

Equipment required: Template, OneNote (or your preferred, easily accessible electronic format)

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes


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November Review & December Goals

Snow is falling, all around me… Man, I love a Christmas classic, and Shakin’ Stevens is my all-time favourite. And now it’s the 1st December, I feel fully justified in breaking out The Best Christmas Album in the World – EVER once again.


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