2016 – Year in Review

Liz Driver: End of year report 2016


Mixed. Unfortunately Mum has spent nearly half the year in and out of hospital which has been a big worry for everyone. We seem to be ending the year on a high though, with Mum at home and as well as she’s been for a long time. The girls are doing well, Daisy’s reading and maths is really coming along and Poppy seems to have settled in well to school life. The family had some lovely trips this year, including a couple of breaks with Mum and Dad in Weymouth and a great 2 week holiday in France.


Good. Settled into (not so) new job and recognised as one of top 5 HR Business Partners in the Company. Took on the Nordic region and has enjoyed several trips to Sweden. Delivered some exciting work around career development and talent management. Learnt some new skills (mergers & acquisitions). Learnt more about what she doesn’t enjoy from an HR perspective (mergers and acquisitions). Looking forward to 2017, which promises fewer mergers and acquisitions.


Good. Have enjoyed some good time together including fabulous weekend in Venice. Reciprocal babysitting arrangement with brother has meant a regular opportunity to eat out together and catch up. Still need to spend more time talking on a day to day basis.


Excellent. Liz has been consistent in her strength training this year and has seen real improvements in this area. She has also started running more consistently and is gradually getting quicker. Yoga was finally ticked off the to do list in 2016. Tried it, decided it wasn’t really for her. Shame because Liz likes the yoga apparel. Planning to embrace athleisure as a look more extensively in 2017. Started street dance and early signs are good. After a shaky start, nutrition has been more consistent in 2016 and Liz is finishing the year feeling good.


Progress has been made this year, with household budget reviewed and day to day finances restructured. Liz did try to access her ISA, but the log in details didn’t work and she hasn’t got round to ringing the bank about it. Good effort, but still needs focus.


Not bad.  In August, the floor of the study was glimpsed for the first time since 2011. The CD collection has been fully digitised. At the end of the year the house remains on the market, but there is some serious interest and tidying up for viewings takes only a few minutes. The playroom will be a target for 2017.

Personal Growth

Liz continues to enjoy her Nutritional Therapy studies and is now nearly halfway through the course. Marks remain consistent which is pleasing given the endless spinning of plates that Liz undertakes. She continues to enjoy reading, posting intermittently on the blog and taking endless pictures of her breakfast for Instagram. Or her lunch if she’s feeling crazy.

Social Life

Continues to be acceptable. Have caught up with friends this year and has managed to get through this entire year without a crippling hangover.


Major Achievements/Things Ticked off The To Do List

  • Clearing out the study
  • Digitising music collection
  • Sorting out Finances
  • Fitting in Yoga

Things To Be Carried Over Into 2017

  • Doing the splits
  • Going on a photography course


Not a bad year when you look at it like this, despite the worries about Mum’s health, the horrors of Brexit and Trump and a testing and busy time at work at the end of the year.


Overall grade


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