Habit Review – 10000 Steps a Day

Days habit missed: One. Gah!

Ease of doing daily: Moderate

Equipment required: Fitness tracker or pedometer (I use a Fitbit One)

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes


I’ve had my Fitbit for nearly two years now. I originally bought one as I liked the idea of see how generally active I was being. For the first few months I kept an eye on it and it did start to change my behaviour – I would park further away in the car park, always use the stairs at work (I was working on the 3rd floor at the time) and walk rather than drive if it was possible. Most days I clocked up a reasonable number of steps, but there were definitely days where I was really busy at work or having a lazy day at the weekend where sometimes I didn’t get more than a couple of thousand.

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February Review and March Goals

Another month gone and in my opinion, from here the only way is up! The mornings and evenings are getting lighter, the daffs are in in full effect and hopefully it might start to get a bit warmer soon (or is that wishful thinking?). February highlights included celebrating Paul’s birthday with the family and passing my Nutritional Sciences exam, which was a big relief!


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January Review & February Goals


Is it just me, or does January last approximately 423 years? Christmas seems like a distant memory (and has done since 4th January) and I really miss the pre-kids days of being able to jet off to warmer climes at the start of the year. But still, we have finally reached the end and spring is that little bit closer. It’s not been all bad, I enjoyed some beautiful frosty walks by the river in my lunch break and had a day at a spa which was lovely. Continue reading “January Review & February Goals”

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Happy New Year & January Goals!

So 2016 is already upon us. I’m not quite sure where the last year went, but it’s behind us now, and as a wise person once said, the only reason to look back is to see how far you’ve come. I do like a new year, although January and February aren’t my favourite months (cold, wet, ages until something exciting happens etc), the thought of a whole new year of opportunity is quite appealing! Continue reading “Happy New Year & January Goals!”

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Habit of the Month – November

Now, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t describe my average weekday morning as my most relaxing time (or my weekends actually, given the fact that the first hour of being awake is mostly spent trying to hide under the duvet and telling my children to go and play). What with getting ready for work, getting the children ready for school/nursery, packing up my food for the day and sometimes working out, that hour between 6.30 – 7.30am is usually pretty fraught. Continue reading “Habit of the Month – November”

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