Activity Review – Go Ape

I’ve not done a class review for a while, mainly because I haven’t been going to many! In fact, I’ve handed in my notice at the gym and will no longer be a member come October. Much as I love some of the classes I do, life at the moments mean that I’m just not getting the value out of it – no matter how good a class is, it’s not worth £70 if it’s the only thing I do in a given month!

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Class Review – Barry’s Bootcamp

I first read about Barry’s Bootcamp last year. Launched in LA in 1998, it’s slowly been expanding globally, and there are now two studios in London. Dubbed (by them, natch) “The world’s best workout”, I really wanted to try it out, and serendipitously, there happens to be a Barry’s studio round the corner from where my nutritional therapy course lectures take place. I’ve never managed to get to a class, but yesterday the family was away, and I had no one to rush home for, so I booked myself on.


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Class Review – Yoga

Ah yoga. Going to a yoga class has been on my to do list for what seems like forever. My instagram feed is full of lithe looking people in unfeasibly difficult poses, I know that it is great for strength, flexibility and the mind-body connection, and frankly I’d quite like the excuse to buy some of the lovely yoga clothing out there 🙂 So why have I never really got round to doing yoga until now?

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Habit Review – 10000 Steps a Day

Days habit missed: One. Gah!

Ease of doing daily: Moderate

Equipment required: Fitness tracker or pedometer (I use a Fitbit One)

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes


I’ve had my Fitbit for nearly two years now. I originally bought one as I liked the idea of see how generally active I was being. For the first few months I kept an eye on it and it did start to change my behaviour – I would park further away in the car park, always use the stairs at work (I was working on the 3rd floor at the time) and walk rather than drive if it was possible. Most days I clocked up a reasonable number of steps, but there were definitely days where I was really busy at work or having a lazy day at the weekend where sometimes I didn’t get more than a couple of thousand.

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Class Review – Spinning

Last month I committed to reviewing a class each month, and as I was up at the crack of doom for a spin class this week, it seemed apt to feature it this month.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, spinning is basically an indoor cycling class. It uses a special kind of stationary bike which is closer in feel to riding a real bike than your standard exercise bike – spin bikes are more adjustable so you can get a more comfortable position. As a newbie, your instructor should be able to help you get set up to ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on your knees etc. They also have adjustable resistance, so you can simulate going up hills for example.

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