January Review & February Goals

I usually find January the most tedious of months, but despite the grim weather and the fact that until last Friday I hadn’t been paid in about 4 years (we get paid early in December, and it was REALLY early this time!), January has gone pretty quickly.

My weekends have been busy with a couple of days in clinic and my dance exams and mocks, and there has been plenty going on at work too. That said, I have found some time for a few nice things – family dinners, catch ups with friends and some exercise. Pleased to say I got highly commended in my dance exams, so that’s one to tick off the list!

My goals for January were as follows:

  • Chuck out challenge – I didn’t do badly here. I didn’t actually get round to counting up everything that went out, but I cleared out the girls clothes, went through my wardrobe, cleared out Daisy’s cupboard (we have ourselves a budding hoarder) and started going through some of my paperwork.
  • Set up my weekly planning schedule – I’ve definitely been more focussed on planning, although I think it would be more useful if I was a bit more hardcore with it until I’ve established it as a routine.       I’m a list person, and writing a massive long list of everything I have to do has been really useful – it’s got it out of my head and I’ve actually had a super productive month as it’s made it easier to see what I need to get done. I’ve also had a bit of “dead” time this month whilst I’ve been hanging around the leisure centre waiting for dance exam slots etc, so I’ve been able to see what needs doing and pick off a few tasks.
  • Establish my new exercise routine – going well. The app I’m using, Sweat, started a 12 week challenge in the middle of Feb, so I’m aiming to complete that – doing all my strength sessions each week, as well as some cardio and, really importantly, stretching and rehabilitation. I’m enjoying my resistance work again and my running is getting more consistent.
  • Make sure I take some time to relax – sort of. I do read before bed every night and I’m making a conscious effort to go to bed a little earlier a couple of times a week if I feel tired.
  • No phone after 9pm – pretty good. I’m certainly leaving it in the kitchen rather than bring it into the lounge in the evening. I’ve occasionally picked it up to set my alarm before bed, but I certainly haven’t done any scrolling after my curfew!

Conscious that February will pass in a flash with it being a short month. Lots going on too, a weekend at college, 2 more days in clinic and an assignment due. It’s also Paul’s birthday, and we’ll be in the New Forest at the end of the month to celebrate Mum and Dad’s golden wedding anniversary, a great milestone! I’m also scheduled to spend a week in Germany for work too, although I think that’s likely to be cancelled. Oh, and there’s half term in the mix too! I’m not going to be overambitious with my goals for the month, for the sake of my sanity…

  • Keep going with the Sweat challenge – I always feel better when I’m exercising, and it’s time for me, so important to prioritise.       It’s also not onerous to fit in as the workouts are only half an hour
  • Continue to schedule to make sure that I’m dedicating adequate time to my college tasks and squeezing in some time for rest. I feel much more able to take breaks if they’re planned for somehow, probably because I’m giving myself permission and I’m also less likely to procrastinate/get distracted in the time I’ve set aside for other tasks.
  • Implement the monthly plan – I read a blog post on this, which is all about getting ahead at the start of the month. The writer had a list of 10 things to do at the start of each month, but I’m going to start with just five (things like review the upcoming birthdays and buy in the cards, and sort out the receipts in my purse) – I think that keeping on top of the admin makes it much less onerous!

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