The Habit Experiment

It’s two years now since I started introducing new habits in an attempt to bring some order and positivity into what had become a chaotic and difficult time. Over that time, I’ve blogged about each habit, my reasons for introducing it and my reflections about whether it’s been a useful addition to the set.

It now feels like it’s time for a final round up before putting this one to bed – not that I’m stopping the habits themselves (for the most part!) but that I don’t need to blog about them any longer. So here’s the summary of where I’ve got to.  And a picture of some habits for your amusement.

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Habit Review – Morning Prep

Days habit missed: Hardly any

Ease of doing daily: Easy

Equipment required: Wardrobe

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes

I’d love to tell you that over the last 12 months, my mornings have evolved into a zen like space of calm and tranquillity, but we both know that would be a big, fat lie. On the plus side, they haven’t got any more manic. At least I don’t think so. Sometimes it happens in such small increments that you don’t really notice.

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Habit Review – 10000 Steps a Day

Days habit missed: One. Gah!

Ease of doing daily: Moderate

Equipment required: Fitness tracker or pedometer (I use a Fitbit One)

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes


I’ve had my Fitbit for nearly two years now. I originally bought one as I liked the idea of see how generally active I was being. For the first few months I kept an eye on it and it did start to change my behaviour – I would park further away in the car park, always use the stairs at work (I was working on the 3rd floor at the time) and walk rather than drive if it was possible. Most days I clocked up a reasonable number of steps, but there were definitely days where I was really busy at work or having a lazy day at the weekend where sometimes I didn’t get more than a couple of thousand.

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