Best Basic Porridge

I love porridge for breakfast. Particularly at this time of year, when the mornings are chilly, a hot breakfast is really warming and comforting!


Oats are pretty good for you as they are, being a good source of soluble fibre which is important for gut health. However, I like to pimp my porridge a bit – my aim with breakfast is always to get at least one portion of fruit and/or veg and also some protein, which ups the satiety value and keeps you full for longer. One way of increasing the protein value would be to add a scoop of protein powder, but as I’m trying to eat an unprocessed diet as far as possible, that’s not preferred option. Instead I’ve started adding an egg, which sounds a bit weird, but is actually delicious and gives a really creamy, almost custardy texture. You need to be careful you don’t end up with scrambled egg though! Here’s how I do it. This recipe also forms a great basis for getting creative with your porridge!



30g porridge oats

1 banana

1 egg

Splash of your milk of choice (I either use ordinary cow juice or whatever nut milk I have to hand. I usually use Rude Health as they don’t contain any weird ingredients)


Pop your porridge oats in a pan

Puree your banana – I use a stick blender for this. If you don’t have one, just mash really well in a bowl.

Add your egg – if using a blender for your banana, just chuck the egg in when your puree it. If not, beat well

Add the banana and egg to the oats. Add some milk to loosen

If you’re going to eat as is, a few drops of vanilla extract will give a lovely flavour

Heat gently on the hob – make you stir frequently so you don’t get scrambled eggs!

Add a splash more milk if you need as it heats.

When it’s thick and creamy it’s ready to serve



It’s delicious as it is, or you could add some other toppings like sliced fruit or a teaspoon of nut butter. If you want to take your porridge to the next level, more ideas are coming soon!

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