Habit Review – Washing Up

Days habit missed: None – check me out

Ease of doing daily: Easy but tedious

Equipment required: Erm, cloth, hot water. Rubber gloves essential

Is it something I’ll continue? Yes

Washing Up 2

Ok, so this isn’t rocket science, but it’s something I didn’t do as a matter of course every evening. The aim here was to wash up anything that can’t go in the dishwasher every night before bed, the hope being that it would not only make for a more pleasant kitchen, but would also trigger my (deeply) dormant house proud instincts, and lead to a delightfully well maintained home via osmosis. Or something.

Well dear reader, I am a reformed woman (when it comes to the washing up anyway). Not once has this task been done, not even after a late finishing dinner part (although to be fair, Paul has also done it on occasion when I’ve not been around or otherwise occupied). Even in our compact and bijou mobile home on holiday last year, I washed up every day, sometimes many times (the draining board was v. small). It is not a particularly enjoyable task, but the reality is that it doesn’t usually take long and it is much nicer coming down to clear work surfaces of a morning.

I can’t say it’s had an impact on my ability to keep the house tidy however, with two small people that really is akin to cleaning your teeth whilst eating Oreos. However, no matter how boring it is, it’s one of those habits that you have to say, well, why wouldn’t I carry on? I can’t think of a decent excuse, so I will. Oh, and for this year’s holiday, we’ve booked a caravan with a dishwasher…

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